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Frequently Asked Questions


1. When was Corporate Guru Launched?

Corporate Guru was Launched on 25th August 2014.

2. How are you advertising the site?

We have a number of Launch Campaigns including:
    • Adverts on Radio Jacaranda
    • Advertising on Digital Platforms such as Radio Jacaranda, MSN, Outlook and Skype.
    • Ongoing Email Campaigns 
    • Participation in Corporate Events & Exhibitions
3. What marketing campaigns do you have for the future?

We will advertise on selected Digital Platforms. 
We will have Outdoor Advertising and Adverts in Magazine and Newspaper Publications.

4. How long do I need to sign up for?

There is no contract. Adverts are paid for 1 month in advance.

5. How do I pay for my Ad?

Payments are done by Debit Order 1 month in advance. Payments are Managed by Stratcol Debit Orders.

6. How do I stop paying or remove my Ad from the site?

Please notify us 14-working days in advance to your next payment and Stratcol will be notified to stop the next payment .     Your Ad will be removed from the site on the 1st of the new month.

7. What reference will show on my Statement for the advertising payments?

Your statement will show Stratcol - Corpguru.

8. Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes. Please contact accounts@corporateguru.co.za to arrange payment by CC.

9. Will I receive an Invoice?

Yes. An Invoice will be automatically emailed to you once payment has been activated on our system.

10. Are there other payment options?

Yes.  Please contact accounts@corporateguru.co.za to arrange payment by EFT. EFT payments are done on a 3-month in Advance period due to Admin procedures.

11. Who do I contact for any Account queries?

You can email accounts@corporateguru.co.za for any account-related queries or call 0861 101 773 during office working hours (08h00 - 17h00 Mon-Fri.).

12. Do I need a website to advertise on Corporate Guru
             Yes. A website is required for the click-through function to your site and also to maintain integrity of advertisers.

13. Does my Advert (880x150pxls for a Prime Banner and 300x300pxls for a Side Banner) have to be exact and why?

              Yes. Specifications are required to ensure the quality and clarity of your Advert.

14. Can you help me with the design of my Ad?

Yes. Please contact advertising@corporateguru.co.za for Design Rates and assistance.

15.What if there is no sub-category suitable for my business?

Please let us know by emailing info@corporateguru.co.za and we will gladly add the sub-category if it is relevant to the corporate industry.

16. Do I pay extra for any Competitions we would like to promote?

No. if you are already an Advertiser you have the benefit of advertising your promotions and competitions at no extra charge in the Competitions and Promotions Category * subject to T&Cs on request. 

17. How will I know people are coming through to my site from Corporate Guru?

As an Advertiser you will have access to a click-through report. You can view click-through statistic in your profile.

18. Will advertising on Corporate Guru increase web traffic to my site?

Yes. Corporate Guru will improve your search statistics dramatically via Inbound Links which will direct more traffic your website.

19. How do we make contact with Users?

Directly when a User clicks through to your site to request  a quote or that you contact them.

20. How are Adverts listed and how do Users search for a business on Corporate Guru?

Adverts are listed alphabetically in a relevant Category as selected and Users can search for a business by name, by key words supplied or by area.

21. Can I have more than one (1) advert on the site?

Yes, you can have Adverts in different Categories that are relevant to your business. Each Listing should be uploaded and paid for separately.

22. Can I change the content of my Advert once it is loaded?

Yes, you have your own password and can Edit the content of your Ad at any time.